Denton, Texas

Type of Sirens: American Signal Tempest-128.
Number of Sirens: 16
Test Date: First Wednesday of the Month at Noon. Also a weekly "Growl" test at an undetermined time.
The system was installed by Gifford Electric in Fort Worth.  

All sirens use ASC CompuAlert decoders.
FSK-FM tone format on (frequency removed at request of city)
Here is a sample of the tones as you would hear on a scanner

There is a PDF map of the siren locations available here.

Hear a clip of a American Signal Tempest 128

The sound file is an actual recording by me of the monthly test.

Teasley Lane at Hobson Street

This is the Tempest 128 at the corner of Hobson and Teasley.Lane in the south part of Denton

A picture of the control boxes. The white sticker reads

This machine is remotely controlled and may start at any time!
Disconnect Power before servicing.

The yellow sticker below reads (what else)

They're not kidding boys and girls.  This siren is extremely loud.

I'm right underneath the siren looking up at the horn (and the blazing hot sun... amazed this picture turned out as well as it did)
I can reach out and touch the control boxes

My ears are still ringing.  Right after I took this picture and started to walk away, I hear a "click" and to my fear the siren starts up.
I run for my truck hoping to save my ears.  I don't quite make it.

The moral of the story is: When you are this close, bring some damn earplugs.

The Carroll Street Siren (a.k.a. the "Blow away Home Depot" siren)

Look out, it's.... BIG MOUTH!
This T-128 is installed right behind Denton's lone Home Depot store, right off 35E
Pull right up behind the store and gawk all you want.
Just keep Test Day in mind.

One does not realize how large one of these sirens really is until you are standing right next to the pole, staring straight up
at this massive machine about 50 feet overhead.

There's a lot of stickers and decals on this siren.
I wonder if someone has lost their hearing due to one of these monsters going off accidentally

Moving on down the pole, we stop for a quick detailed look at the upper control box.
Again, heed the warnings about hearing protection and the "automatic control"
Keeping count? That's 4 warning stickers so far!

The resizing blurs the text some, but this is an excellent picture of the lower control box.
The picture is clickable for full detail (warning: 1600x1200 resolution!)
Count 'em.. there are 9 of the warning stickers on this one siren alone!!!
Almost makes you think the siren is as dangerous itself as the tornadoes it is intended to warn me about?
(I don't think so)

The Eagle Point Golf Course Siren

This siren is about a mile away from my apartment on the northwest edge of the Eagle Point golf course.
It really, really roars.
Dear reader, you're probably hearing a recording of this one right now.
It's one of the sirens captured in my recording of the system test.

The control setup here is the same as all the other sirens.
Lower, middle, top. Antenna halfway up the pole, meter on the back.
Drat, that digital film got eaten by a white blotch again
(no, really, it's the edge of my sleeve)

Here's the whole kit and caboodle, even the feeder line
Not a bad picture of the finest warning siren made today.
This is a new siren I didn't know about before I made the system test recording
(the direction of the sound tipped me off that there must exist a siren here)

The Kings Row Siren

I found this siren totally by accident when I was out driving and happened to spot
the familar profile of a T-128 poking above its surroundings
This siren is in a residential area so does a good job warning all the people who live around it

It took me a long time to actually zero in on exactly where this install was!
I spotted it from Loop 288 about 2 miles north and had a heck of a time finding my way
to the siren, then finding a place to park.

Put that zoom lens to work, duder
Shame that this picture is so dark
Oh well, if you ever wanted to see a T-128 in black, this gives you an idea of what it would look like

Though shrouded by trees, the control boxes are visible.
Same setup as the others, nothing really different about this siren at all

As I turned, I snapped another view of the siren from behind the install
You would never know it was there unless you were looking for it

The Evers Park Siren

This is another accidental find, but it too is in a great spot
The siren is up on top of a hill near Evers Park between Elm and Locust
Evers park itself is huge, so they really needed a siren nearby.
This one stands ready to warn anyone around

Man, I didn't know T-128s grew on trees!
I think there could be a business opportunity here...

Drat, maybe they don't grow on trees
Here is the control boxes for this install, same as all the others

The Windsor Estates Siren

This siren is in the middle of one of Denton's newest neighborhoods, Windsor Estates
I think this one is the higher pitched siren in the recording I made
You can see here why some people want to call this the "okra"
Paint 'em green with the horn CD yellow, maybe....
I side-shot this picture hanging out of my truck's cab using the LCD and it worked.

Here's the bottom of the pole showing the controls, meter, and antenna.
This siren is very very high compared to the area around it.
Wonder if it gets struck by lightning ever?

Pull the plug mate, it's gone crazy!
Anyway, I hadn't gotten a good picture of the meter or kill switch yet, so here it is.

The Mcnair Elementary Siren

I've known about this siren for a while and finally got to take a picture of it recently
This is the southernmost siren in Denton's system
Its installed right in front of an elementary school along Hickory Creek Road

The controls are very similar to the other sirens in this system

I suppose that a T-128 makes a good perch as long as it is nice and still
You definitely wouldn't have to worry about getting eaten by cats

Always sage advice since Big Mouth doesn't talk, he just screams.
All sirens in town are equipped with these signs now.
(I personally tune my RS Pro-95 to 146.92 W5NGU and listen to the Skywarn spotter net myself
as that's where KNTU gets their info from)

The UNT North Campus Siren

Finally, another siren in the Denton system
I found this one returning to Denton from a siren hunt in Sanger
I wasn't sure I could get into the facility to get closer to the siren so I took this shot


This is much the same picture as above, only zoomed in a bit tighter
I was irritated by this, so decided to turn around and see if the gate was open at the UNT Research facility

I got lucky, the gate was open so I could get this picture
This siren hasn't been here too long either, as evidenced by the single large control box
as compared to the multiple boxes in the above sirens in the system.
Let's jump up a bit and take a look up the pole

This is very similar to the UNT main campus sirens, with the VHF antenna sporting ground planes
that don't show up in this picture.

There are still more sirens left to be pictured in this system.
Check back some time to see if there is anything new