Flower Mound, Texas

Type of Sirens: American Signal Tempest-128 (Direct Current)
Number of Sirens: 11
Test Date: First Wednesday of the Month at 1:00 PM
A Full test is only conducted 4 times a year, at other times a growl test is conducted.
Activation: Radio on a VHF channel
Encoding Method: American Signal CompuLert

Hear a clip of a American Signal Tempest 128

Wilkerson Park Siren (siren #3)

This is one of Flower Mound's new T-128 Sirens.  This particular siren is installed at Wilkerson Park, immediately adjoining Forestwood Middle School.
It is quite audible for miles.
Reportedly it scares the poor little children out of their mind when it goes off.


Here we have a up-close shot of the siren head.
I always wonder why the poles are so skinny way up at the top like this.

Here is the control box.
These sirens are actually battery powered.
The lower half of this big silver box houses several deep-cycle batteries, good for about 15 minutes of operation even if the power completely fails.
The upper half contains the controls and Motorola radio/decoder.
Curiously, this siren works very well, despite the fact that it is missing the electric meter from its box
(I assure you, it is quite loud)

Another shot of the siren head, looking almost straight up at the horn.
The T-128 is called the "Big Mouth" by American Signal, and this picture demonstrates why.

The Tophill Station Siren (Site #5)

This siren is at Flower Mound Fire Station #3.
It's called "Tophill" because the station (and siren) are positioned on top of a small hill
The hill is significantly higher than the area around it, making for good projection of the booming low tone these sirens make.
This siren covers a large residential area built all around it.

This is a shot of the back of the control box that I show above.
Next time Brent, get out of the truck and take your picture, OK?
The firemen ain't gonna bite you or beat you up.....

The Forums Siren @ Fire Station #1 (Site #2)

Flower Mound's main fire station is right behind this siren.  It's the brick building you see behind the trees.
In front of the siren is the US Post Office for the area.
No radio is installed here.  This siren is directly connected to the console at the Fire Station, so when an activation is ordered this one always goes off first.
I work at the Kroger store just down the road, and man does this guy roar.  I can hear it inside the store no problem at all.
Damn I must have been lazy that day. I'll just have to put this one on my retake list.

The Bridlewood Boulevard Siren (siren #4)

Here's the siren I pass on my way to work often.
I play "Spot Big Mouth" from the back entrance of the neighborhood and can usually see it pretty far away
I can hear it pretty far away, too.  When it is pointed the opposite direction, my parents can hear it.
Good thing too, as Double Oak isn't big enough to have a siren.

This is a good siren to come and hear tested, as there is a paved parking area on Windsor Drive
down the road about 100 yards from where I snapped this picture.

ARRGH!  It's the attack of the killer FINGERTIPS!  RUN!!!!!!!!!!!
The driver in the purple car was giving me a dirty look.  Must have thought I was taking their picture
and didn't realize I was aiming for the siren behind them.
This appears to be siren #4, as it has a big black 4 on the box.
Hate to say it, but this one also needs a retake.

Here is a more recent picture of this siren. Dad was nice enough to stop one day long
to let me take this picture.

The Marcus High School Siren (Siren #1)

This is siren #1 in the Flower Mound system, right behind Marcus HS's water tower.


The siren is nestled right in between the water works facilities for the water tower
This one doesn't need to fear getting zapped by lightning (like that bothers T-128s anyway)

A nice cheery bright picture of the world's best in-production siren

Like I said, this is the #1 Siren in the system.

The Gerault Park Siren(Siren #4)

Some of you readers have seen this siren before (it is on UVFR)
and has been photographed by Chase Frost.
I ran out of time on my siren-hunt that day so didn't have time to get more detailed photographs

Other siren locations:

(as of yet uncaptured by camera)

Site #10 FM1171 and High Road
Site #6 Flower Mound Road Lift Station
Site #9 Ada Road
Site #8 North Shore Water Facility
Site #11 Lena Pope Youth Home