Little Elm, Texas

Type of Sirens: 4 Federal 2001 DC

Test Schedule: unknown. 
Activation: Radio. Encoding method unknown.


Hear a clip of a Federal 2001

The West End Siren

Well, I'll be! A brand-new Federal 2001
Little Elm is a very small town along the north shore of Lake Lewisville
I certainly didn't expect to see Federal's finest in a tiny little town.
This siren is on the west end of town right near the bridge over the lake up on top of a hill along FM 723

This was taken in early morning.
Sorry about the sunlight washing things out
But it does give you a view of the siren from the back.

Bad fence, Bad.
At least you can see the controls through it

The "Downtown" Siren

This siren actually clued me in that there were sirens out here
This is an older 2001 with the smaller center protrusion in the horn
It's right by the water tower in downtown Little Elm

I need a better zoom lens
Really, there are control boxes here in the center of the frame

The public works guys here in the truck were giving me some pretty strange looks
No, I'm not a terrorist. Really, I'm not.
I'm not lying about those controls though. Honest! Here they are!

Ok, I give up. Here's a shot of the siren head from the side.
Not much else to say... another nice 2001 siren which is in a bad spot to photograph

The East End Siren

You want to see a real nice looking 2001? This one is brand-spanking NEW!
It's located along Witt Road right in front of D.H. Brent Elementary (hehe)

The controls
Battery rectifier/transformer/charger on the top right (with the heatsink)
Radio is the square box in the middle
Batteries are the rectangle on the bottom
I really don't think the battery box is big enough, but there are batteries in there.

Like I said, brand new. You really can't find a nicer picture of a 2001 in this condition
The sun is just about at the perfect angle to light up the inside of the horn and the FS logo
This is probably one of my most favorite siren pictures so far.

So, let's cross the road and take a look.
Notice that the rotator is a lot smaller on the new sirens
The pole mount here is very nice. Whoever installed this siren did a hell of a good job.
I worry for the power lines though if it ever gets knocked down.

The North End Siren

As I was looking around,
killing time before I had to be where I was going,
I spied a large water tower on the north edge of town.
"hmmm... wonder if there's a siren there too?"
Despite the fact that the road was closed,
I ventured up to the water tower and was rewarded with yet another brand-new 2001.
Hunch rewarded.

I really am getting tired of these fences.
Kinda like beating your head against a brick wall, like this:
Same setup as all the other sirens, so let's move along

Yes, this is a different siren than before.
Again, this is a really good picture of a really good siren.

OK, that's enough 2001s for now. Whew!
I left Little Elm with this picture, as perfect as the one above it.

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