Roanoke, Texas

Type of Siren: 1 Federal 2001, 1 Federal Modulator, 1 Federal Model 5 (inactive?)

Test Schedule: Unknown at this time

The 2001

Here is Roanoke's 2001.
It is a 2001-SRN (the late-model 2001 Siren)
It is also very easy to find

There's no stickers on this siren except for the usual "protect your ears" verbage

Here is what I dislike about this install
No, it isn't the antenna, which is a nice fiberglass VHF stick
It's these two-piece aluminum poles
I mean, c'mon guys, this isn't a nice light streetlight here
This is a siren that needs to stand up to high winds to do its job

Here's your typical set of Federal Controls.
I'll get to the charger in a minute

My conveyance is in the corner
Both doors are open, as my partner-in-hunting Sirenkid was with me today

The sky is a little threatening, no?
We are right under a little summer popcorn storm and it was already starting to rain as I snapped this picture.

The Modulator

This is one of the few Modulators in Denton County
Note the driver Access Panels on the side of the pods
(and the lack of one on the bottom pod)

Again, what is with this cheesy two-piece pole?
The Mod is even more top-heavy than the 2001 is, and I worry about this one falling down someday

The boxes again are typical Federal

Another view of the boxes

This is the first close look I got at a Modulator, and I must admit that these are nice-looking sirens

The Mod is in a park south of downtown Roanoke

The Model 5

This was Roanoke's original siren, used to call the fire department (which is nearby)
It is still wired, though with the Mod being a few blocks away I doubt it is still active

This guy is still in good shape but could use a coat of paint
I suspect that one of us locals on the forum will get ahold of it someday

From another angle
One can see the rotors real clearly, though they are shadowed badly in the picture.