Trophy Club, Texas

Type of Sirens: Whelen WPS-2810

Test Schedule: Unknown at this time

Trophy Club Drive

My brother-in-sirens (Sirenkid) and I decided to look around in Trophy Club and see what we can find
We were pleasantly rewarded by finding this WPS-2810 peeking out over the trees

Here's a picture of the control boxes
Yes, this siren is solar powered, and yes the pole is spun concrete
We verified by rapping on it with knuckles


Nice simple aluminum boxes

Nice simple groundplane antenna and solar cell

The top of the WPS-2810

Park Siren

Here is the second Whelen we found in a park buried way back in Trophy Club
The weather is starting to not look so good
(the fullsize is not the same pic but slightly different)


This install is much the same as the other one
(Next time get the truck out of there goofus)

Unfortunately, someone used this box for a little target practice
Doesn't hurt things any, just looks bad

Here is a much better look at the ground plane antenna used on these sirens


Man this one is shadowed

Now this is a better angle

Due to all of the trees, Trophy Club is not the friendliest place to siren hunt so I am sure there are more sirens than just these two.
Feel free to email if you know of more.