University of North Texas Campus Sirens

Type of Siren: 3 American Signal Tempest-128

Test Schedule: 3 minutes of alert on the first Wednesday of the Month at noon (weather permitting)

These sirens are owned and operated by the City of Denton and are part of the City system, so system info
of the Denton system applies to these three sirens.

Hear a recording of the campus T-128s
(voted Best Sound in the 2002 Siren Sound Contest)

Men's Gym Siren

Ah, a familar face in a not-so-familar location.
Fate has brought the awesome T-128 siren to UNT now.

This shot should also look familar, a new face in a old spot
The controls on these T-128s are different from the rest of the City's sirens
but are still not short of warning stickers

It is indeed a dark day when the sirens are needed
Fortunately this siren is ready and raring to strut its stuff and
rattle every window nearby.
The "fingers" on the antenna are ground planes that help improve the reception of the control signals.

You'd think the siren would fold the pole up with this huge mass on top
Not so. The sirens don't budge an inch even in the wind.

The Kendall Hall Siren

The ROTC boys get a good wakeup-call from this siren parked right next to their dorm.

I saw this siren installed here (expecting the familiar old EOWS to look back and me)
and triple-taked, not at all expecting to see a T-128 here.
What is really strange is the night before I dreamed of the EOWS coming down off the pole
and the next day (poof) the Tempest appeared.

The controls are the same as the other sirens at UNT.
This siren also has the "If You Hear This Siren Tune To KNTU 88.1 FM" sign
Um, last time I checked humans don't come equipped with built-in FM receivers.....
This is the second siren you hear coming in in the recording.

The Physics Building Siren

Remember how I promised a picture of "the responsible T-128"?
Look no further, this is your culprit.
This is the siren that was nice enough to fire up and get recorded.
I will have to go back and take a picture of the siren from the distance I recorded it from

Again, a new face in an old spot.
I still don't get how we are supposed to pick up KNTU out of thin air
I can tell you, however, that the buildings around this siren simply ShAkE when the siren comes around
The noise will rattle the fillings out of your teeth from 500 feet away.