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This site is about air raid sirens. Most people know what these are, and they've most likely heard the sounds, but how many can tell you what they look like? What they weigh? How they work? Who makes them? Not many! That's why this site exists--to satisfy anyone who wants to know more about these sirens. Use the text links above to navigate to the major sections of the site.

7.29.18 - Welcome back to ARS!
We have changed doamins to "airraidsirens.net". Our old domain, thesirenboard.com will redirect automatically to the new domain. In addition to this, we have added some new styles to the board to give off some awesome nostalgic vibes!

-Matt, Logan & Tyler

6.9.18 - The Home Page is Back!
Since we are changing quite a bit around the site, I thought it would be a neat idea to bring back a proper homepage. This one is definately a classic and is probably missing some things. If you discover something that is missing or broken, please report it to me, Tyler on the board or Discord. Also give Matt some love for keeping a lot of this archived over the years!


6.7.18 - We're Going Back to Basics!
After hearing from numorous members voicing their concerns over ARS, we are reverting back to the ways the site was ran originally. Please check the board for details.

-Matt, Logan & Tyler

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