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Board Address: June 9, 2019
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Author:  uncommonsense [ Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Board Address: June 9, 2019

Last year, almost to the day, Logan created a post addressing the board and informing the community that ARS would be going back to the basics. Going in, Logan knew the changes wouldn’t please everyone, but that they should have an impact on maintaining the quality and legacy of ARS. One year later, it has become apparent those changes worked. There’s no way to prove these things via data, but the obvious observation to any visitor of ARS is that the quality of posting has dramatically increased over the last year. There has been a strong contribution of highly researched and fascinating posts, less emphasis on baseless speculation, and an increased emphasis on professionally written posts. To all of our users, we thank you for helping make this happen. We couldn’t have done it without you. To echo Logan’s point, we know how the continuing emphasis on these changes won’t make everyone happy, there’s no way to make this happen without you. We thank you.

Today, it’s awesome to be able to say we won’t be rolling out any large scale changes to the board, save for a completely rewritten Code of Conduct. This code will make clearer what the expectations for posting and what happens when your quality of posting is not up to what is expected in the code. It is expected that all posters will read the code upon logging in for the first time since the new code was posted. Please don’t hesitate to shoot me a DM if you have any questions about it.

One more time, thank you all for bringing ARS back to the basics. We couldn’t be more happy with the state of the board at this time.

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