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Georgia's First 508s Tested For SWA Week Tornado Drill

Fri Feb 09, 2024 11:26 pm

Peach County recently had a batch of 508s installed in their system to extend their network's coverage and replace a Whelen Vortex-R4 that picked a fight with Thor and woke up dead afterward. Their system consists of a mix of R4s, these new 508s, a 2nd gen 2001-SRN, and a STH-10A. The Blue Bird plant in Ft. Valley has a privately owned Eaton WAVES HPSA-7108R, not too sure when it's tested. Normally they test at noon on the first Wednesday's of the month, but this was an exception due to the tornado drill. Would have loved to hear them run a full cycle of alert, but I was just happy to finally hear one. It was comparable to a Thunderbolt 1000 or Whelen Vortex-R4 IMO, a touch louder than the 2910s and 16V1T-Bs I've heard. I think a 2001-130 or Thunderbolt 1000T might edge them out up close, but these most certainly will outrun them in this area as far as range goes.

The 508s and R4s in this system were heard from over 6 miles away for this test run. In the first video, all of the Vortexes you hear are over 2 miles away, and the 508 that peeps in towards the end is about 6.5 miles away. In the second one the distances are all listed in the slides. If the SRN at FVSU went off it was drowned out by the 508 and surrounding R4s. The third video is an ambiance taken by Amelia from over 6 miles away from the nearest R4 and 128.
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Re: Georgia's First 508s Tested For SWA Week Tornado Drill

Wed Feb 14, 2024 7:06 pm

I got a Video of The drill in Columbus. Missed voice because I was unaware sadly. Good videos though!

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