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Games with Sirens in them.

Mon May 27, 2024 10:54 pm

Does anyone know of any video or physical games in which we're sirens make an appearance? I'm curious to see if anyone knows of some. :D

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Re: Games with Sirens in them.

Mon May 27, 2024 11:19 pm

In the introductory cutscene of Half-Life: Alyx, you can faintly hear a siren sounding attack in the distance when the Civil Protection begin searching the housing block. This is the first one that come to mind, but I know that there are other games I know with sirens, I’ll probably add to this post when I remember them, haha

Oh, also, the game “60 Seconds” is set in the Cold War, and it features a siren at the beginning of the game. Team Fortress 2 also features a siren which sounds at the start of some matches.

The original Half-Life soundtrack features a couple of siren-related music pieces; “Sirens in the Distance” and “Klaxon Beat”. “Hurricane Strings” may just be a coincidence.
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Re: Games with Sirens in them.

Mon May 27, 2024 11:40 pm

In Far Cry 5, most of the enemy outposts have FS 2001's standing on poles.
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Re: Games with Sirens in them.

Tue May 28, 2024 12:50 pm

In Call of Duty: WWII, if you call in a carpet-bombing, you can hear an ambience of single-tone sirens sounding off a take-cover warning. They sound almost exactly like Thunderbolt 1000s, but T-bolts weren't introduced until 1952, during the Cold War. The developers may have just picked out the first sound effect they could find.

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Re: Games with Sirens in them.

Tue May 28, 2024 2:33 pm

American Truck Simulator has HOR Siro-Drone lookalikes dotted around the game, with one I remember being somewhere in Texas ingame. They're just for show, though.
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Re: Games with Sirens in them.

Tue May 28, 2024 3:13 pm

In Opposer VR (Roblox somehow) you can hear a Model A in city rooftops in the distance every once in a while. I hear it at my sniping spot louder than usual and it seems to come from the eastern side of the map, though it isn’t visible.
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Re: Games with Sirens in them.

Wed May 29, 2024 6:31 pm

Can't exactly remember which game this is, but there was a post made on Facebook a while back that showed a tower-mounted FS Model 5 atop a small brick building in what looked like to be some sort of racing game, maybe Forza or NFS.
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