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12-1-21 Whelen Hornet Siren 1 Minute Wail Test, Rosa, AL

Wed Dec 01, 2021 9:15 pm

After successfully getting the Thunderbolt in Hoover, I decided to head-up to Blount County for their test. Would've tried for Madison County this month, but as it would've been close to two hours of driving to get back to Madison County from the Thunderbolt I was at, I figured it would've been too close to be able to get anything up there, unfortunately. However, admittedly, this siren had been one I'd been eyeing for a test for a while now, and after finding out recently that Blount County tests on the first Wednesdays at noon (and them cancelling their test last month when I tried for it), I decided now would be the perfect time to get it.

Blount County, like most counties in Alabama, has a system of Whelen sirens, with most of them being Vortexes and a few 2809s mixed in. However, for whatever reason, they chose to put a single (known) Hornet by the town hall/volunteer fire department within the small town of Rosa.
Hornets aren't exactly common sirens, and while this ain't the only one in the state, the other one that I'm aware of here in Alabama (over in Colbert County) appears to be a plant siren, so I don't know when it's tested or if it'd be recordable. Either way though, I'm glad I can now say I've recorded a Whelen Hornet as well. A church across US 231 from it and the surrounding terrain certainly allowed for some nice echos off of it while it was running too.
Also, while I was here, I got to meet-up with CentralALSirens to record this test with him. His video can be seen below:

Blount County, AL tests on the first Wednesday of every month at noon, weather permitting.

The Alabama statewide siren map: ... sp=sharing
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