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Leipsic, DE Federal Signal Model 5A
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Author:  championsiren [ Wed Jan 05, 2022 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Leipsic, DE Federal Signal Model 5A

Yeah, I went back here. I recorded the Model 2 back in August. I was originally gonna record the 5, but I saw the Model 2 at the fire department from the tower, and I thought it had been replaced since the 2 was around 200 feet away from the 5. But no, both of them are active. It's very excessive for a town that's like half a mile across. :lol:
Anyway, the 5 was restored sometime around 2014 (the tag got painted over. sorry, no serial number). It was installed around the 70s-80s. I don't know why they decided to install a Model 2, seems like a waste of money to me, especially since that same 2 is now sick and you can clearly hear the 5 over it. :?

Leipsic, DE tests every weekday at noon along with Clayton and Smyrna. They have a Model 5 and a sick Model 2 that are around 200 feet away from each other.

Kent County tests certain fire departments' sirens at random dates. I'll list the supposed testing times here.
Smyrna(4x STH-10A, 1x 3T22A, unfound mystery siren that sounds like a T-112), Clayton (1x STH-10A), and Leipsic (1x Model 5, 1x sick Model 2): Every weekday at noon
Marydel (1x 10V): First Saturday at noon
More to come!

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