Federal Signal Vertical Sirens (2,3,5,7)
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Model 7, 7.5HP low-tone siren

Photographed by Ty Henshaw
Housing of the above model 7 from the City of Bell, CA

Photographed by Ty Henshaw
Model 7C, 7.5HP low-tone damper-equipt siren

Photographed by the owner, Brett Jones

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Single-tone Model 5 or 7 without any housing (naked!)

Photographed by Adam
Model 5T or 7T

Photographed by Adam
Single-tone Model 2

Photographed by Darren Greco
Model 3 insides (3-phase)

Photo credit: take credit
Model 3 insides (3-phase)

"Unfortunately, this siren was turned into scrap metal shortly after this photo. The scrap dealer attempted to free the rotor, but it was 'hopelessly jammed.' This was from Pacific City, Oregon." -Daniel

Photo credit: Daniel Maxwell
Single-tone Model 3
Taken at the roof top, Smithtown Fire Department HQ, Smihthtown, Long Island New York

Photo credit: Greg Gottlieb
STH-10 (10HP) and Type 7 dual-tone
(later called Model 5BT)

Photo credit: Adam Biscow
Model 5

Photo credit: Steelman Hiles